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Welcome to Dirk Wunderlich's Homepage ... a little introduction about me.

Who I am

I want my walk with God to be a living sign for other people to find the greatest Love in the universe. Therefore, I submit to serving people around me and abroad.

Currently I work as a neurosurgery consultant in the beautiful city of Hamburg.

In addition to that I am responsible for a large IT-Project migrating the major Hospital Information System (HIS) for seven hospitals in Hamburg



OpenKIMS is an EMR that I developed over the course of the last 10 years in order to make my life as a doctor easier. Incidentally my colleagues, and even other units, found it to be helpful in their daily routine and the software has thus been adopted in various hospitals not only in Germany but also in Australia.

The latest implementation OpenKIMS was for a Mission Hospital in Tchad, Africa - from Stone Age to iAge...


Mission Trips

Whenever I have a chance I try to be useful for missionaries in third world countries.

You can read about some previous trips in my blog

I would be very happy to hear from you...

Please feel free to leave a message.

dw at diwu dot de